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Our Platform Solution

Business Intelligence has different meanings at different hierarchy levels in a pharmaceutical organization. In the commercialization department, it could mean getting updates on stock movement with the stockists for a front-line manager; for a second-line manager, it could mean getting daily updates on number of days invoice outstanding or customer coverage compliance by sales reps. For PMT, it could mean customer's contribution to brands versus investment in the customer or Customer 360-degree view on touchpoints.

BizIntel provides all these metrics and much more to everyone in sales, marketing, sales management and even up to the CEO. BizIntel offers an excellent opportunity for the organization to plug in their data from disparate sources to provide integrated dashboards. It keeps everyone abreast of the health of their business at every level, which enables everyone to take decisions that are based on Intelligence.

BizIntel is a unique platform that provides Business Intelligence for each role within commercialization department. It is a plug and play SaaS platform that is cloud hosted and scalable, managed by us. No CAPEX, No OPEX.

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