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Virtual Detailing Mobile Application

Quality interaction of Medical Reps with HCPs with sales force is a long-lost art. Two primary reasons are, the busy schedule of the HCP and his belief of no value addition during the sales call. Both the issues are addressed by virtual calls. We-Call, our platform solution is a mobile app that enables quality interaction between HCP and sales personnel.

HCPs can schedule calls with sales personnel as per his / her convenient schedule and can have face on face interaction. Since this is not browser based, it is simple to download and use. It provides notifications to both users of scheduled, rescheduled and cancelled calls. With the current social media platforms for video calls, the HCP feels there is an intrusion into his / personal space on different social media platforms and there is no control over it.

We-Call mobile app is dedicated for one-on-one interaction between pharma and HCPs, where the HCP is in control. This improves acceptance. Moreover We-Call also offers interaction between company SME and HCP in parallel, where SMEs can schedule and reschedule calls with HCPs.

We-Call is extremely beneficial in following scenarios:
  • HCP can connect with sales personnel for samples, schemes, literature, product queries, webinars, if needed immediately etc.
  • SMEs can connect for activities, Clinical Experience Trial recruitment, follow-ups, case discussions and closures.
  • SMEs can connect with HCPs who are not covered by the sales force, to increase the prescriber base.
  • SMEs can connect with HCPs for promoting matured products virtually, where one on one call cost is prohibitive.
  • SMEs can connect with core HCPs for promoting new launches, which will be in addition to the sales rep visit.
  • SMEs can connect with HCPs immediately in case of vacancies in the field, so as to maintain business continuity with KOLs.
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