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Allopathy drugs, single ingredient or fixed dose combinations (FDC) are widely prescribed in India to improve patient compliance. It becomes necessary to clearly define the dosage of such medicines in different demographic populations, for different indications. It is imperative that the dosages are adjusted due to co-morbidities. A need is felt to have a ready reckoner to facilitate prescription for those new to allopathy.

Med-Guide includes more than 1600 single and fixed dose combinations (FDC). It is user friendly as it is easy to browse drug names and combinations. Pharmacology details of drug include indications, dosage calculations, side effects, boxed warnings precautions and dose adjustments.

Med-Guide acts as ready reckoner for:
  • M.B.B.S graduates doing internships / MOs / P.Gs, B.A.M.S / B.H.M.S who wish to acquaint themselves with allopathy.
  • Nursing professionals who wish to upgrade their knowledge of allopathy medications.
  • Hospital / Community Pharmacy professionals who are guiding patients and care-givers of patients
  • Consumers / Care-givers who wish to remain informed of the medications that are being prescribed
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